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Jewelry Care

Handle jewelry delicately at all times. Gold does not tarnish, but it is soft and prone to scratches. Take extra care with your gold jewelry and follow general advice to maintain its shine and beauty. Visit your jeweler for occasional polishing and maintenance.

Thanks for checking out our advice before ordering, so you're ready to take care of your jewelry once it's in your hands!

  • Please note that direct exposure to perfume, hairspray, body cream, chlorine, detergent and harsh elements over a period of time will damage your jewelry.
  • Remove jewelry when sleeping, doing household tasks, sport and cleaning activities.
  • Take care to protect the stones from knocks and scratches.
  • Be mindful of the design of your chosen jewelry when you are wearing them. If the piece has edges that may scratch, it would better to remove the jewellery before coming into contact with pets or children.
  • To prevent snagging and potential damage, remove your jewellery before undressing or put it on last while getting dressed, especially for pieces that may catch on clothes or surfaces. Repeated snagging can break the chains or can distort the settings of your stones, making them more likely to fall out.


Regular cleaning is recommended to preserve the beauty and polish of the gold. Opt for a soft, lint-free cloth or a specialized gold polishing cloth for best results.


When you are not wearing your jewellery we recommend to keep them in individual boxes or cotton bags so that they don't get scratched and minimizes the chance of damage, especially during travel.

Thin chains often get tangled up, even when separated from other chains, we recommend to close bracelets and necklaces and store them separately.


Yellow Gold: Pure gold is a metallic yellow; we use an alloy of copper and silver as the principal metals to achieve our yellow gold.

Rose Gold: Rose gold is an alloy of gold and varying the proportions of copper and silver resulting in a beautiful pinkish hue.

Some people are naturally more sensitive or reactive to copper, which can sometimes show up on the skin as a dark discoloration around the jewellery. This is a natural skin reaction as acids in your skin and sweat combine with copper to make salts. Do not worry if this happens. In most cases prolonged exposure to the metal will make you more accustomed to contact with it and your skin will eventually stop reacting. If your skin becomes itchy or exhibits other side effects rather than just showing discoloration, it may indicate a more severe allergic reaction. In such case remove your jewellery immediately and seek advice from a professional.

White Gold: Combining pure gold with an alloy of silver and palladium makes white gold. The natural color of white gold is a a bit greyish. Our jewellery in white gold are plated with a metal called Rhodium to brighten its color, Rhodium is very white and very hard but it may wear eventually, so from time to time it may need to be plated again in order to keep the shiny white tone.

A touch of mindful care can make a significant difference! We cannot be held accountable for any damage caused by using our jewelry incorrectly and against our recommendations.

Every single item is carefully made by hand and treated with the utmost care, hoping that you'll love and treasure your stunning jewelry as much as we do, and then some!